About Us

Challenging the boundaries of innovation in data security

SecureDrives was established in 2008 in the United Kingdom to design a unified approach to data security for Data at Rest and provide solutions to the threat of keyloggers, data recovery techniques and the inherent weaknesses of computer based passwords.
The only way to realise this goal of a truly unified approach to data security was to throw away the rule book and create a new breed of SSD drive, one designed around security rather than trying to add security to an existing drive design.
After extensive R&D the result is a world first; 2.5” hardware level Full Disk Encryption SSD drive which has its own authentication process completely independent of the PC safe guarding against keyloggers and PC password weaknesses. Protection against data recovery techniques comes from its unique physical destruction capability housed within the 2.5inch drive. This process instantly fractures the storage NAND-Flash and security processor to prevent them being mounted on to another PCB in an attempt to recover data.
The SecureDrives Autothysis range of SSD drives are integral to a robust IA (Information Assurance) policy and provide solutions to maintaining data integrity before and after the event of loss or theft.
SecureDrives is committed to innovation and design to offer the highest standards of end to end data security solutions to clients with a commercial and legislative need to keep critical data / intellectual property safe from unauthorised access.